Monday, June 2, 2008

My Time Lord and Savior

I KNEW those friggin comic books were a gateway drug. . .

I have re-geeked. Meaning, I was a geek, when I was a kid. . . you know. . . asymmetrical clothing, eating factoids with milk, like it was a breakfast cereal, playing five different instruments in the high school musical. Imagine where I'd be if I wasn't trying to be liked by the cool kids. Probably sucking down adult beverages on my yacht, cackling over my dubious Google shareholdings. SIGH. . .

But somehow through the magic of the internet my teen temple has been found, intact. The lost well of my youth discovered, still full of a healing elixir to sooth the grown-up who just can't get enough of space travel, exploding planets, and reptilian aliens suffering from megalomania. No, I'm not talking about Dick Cheney. I'm talking about the amazing adventures of my Time Lord and Savior, Doctor Who!

I started watching fuzzy, crackling episodes of the show on PBS, when I was tween. Back in the day, the Doctor was the illustrious Tom Baker, Doctor #4, now you can see him as a crazy old patriarch in reruns of Monarch of the Glen (does anyone know what I’m talking about??)But ooohhh honey. . . the latest Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey is Scotsman David Tennant, Doctor #10. Yeah, I'm completely smitten-- with him, and the show. Yes, the show has those hokey, space moments, bleeping lights and such, but the sets are AMAZING, the actors are BBC-fantastic, and the writing is out of this world.

Ummm. . . I think I'm starting to mutate. I'm listening to an unusual amount of Devo, and I'm starting to consider the purchase of action figures. HELP!

Better check out etsy first. . .

Miss Gillian
I saw this and I FLIPPED. It's a knitted, iPod cover version of the TARDIS-- The Doctor's spaceship. Yeah, it looks a wee bit small right? I mean, it's just a Police phone booth. Look again. The TARDIS is a roomy spacepad for our 904 year-old bachelor. Miss Gillian made her "Blue Box" from 100% pure wool.

Arch Delineator
Zack Raithel's Original Stencil Paintings are awfully haunting, and we count the shadows in these post-apocalyptic images.

Though not dedicated to the Time Lord specifically, this piece, called Doctor Stencil reminds me of the Episode 2 Season 8 of Doctor Who where The Doctor and his assistant, Donna Noble, travel in time to Pompeii a day before Mount Vesuvius erupts!

Just what the Doctor ordered. . .

Porterness's little blue pill earrings have the mark of intergalactic space travel written all over them.

If I were Martha Jones, the Doctor's assistant from Season 3, I would wear these. Hoping the Doctor would notice. How can a man with TWO hearts not love the gorgeous and smart, Ms. Jones?

Not in this lifetime, missy. The Doctor can't stop thinking about his long lost Rose Tyler. ROSE ROSE ROSE!

Come fly with me. . .
Mock the Rock
So tempting-- leaving home to travel with the Doctor, through space and time. This notebook is the perfect place to store your memories, kinda like the Doctor did in the double episode from season three where he and Ms. Jones hid from "The Family" at a boarding school in 1913. Check out all of Mock the Rock's notebooks-- they're pretty fab.

Devil and Mouse

Ohhh. . . must have the custom-made, TARDIS brooch. Devil and Mouse have a ton of cool pendants and such, but this one warms my two hearts.

Well. . . it's nearly three in the afternoon, and time for my infusion of liquid fruits and vegetables. Don't want to end up a host for the Adipose fat babies:


Mikiye Creations said...


...Can you believe I watched THE ORIGINAL Doctor Who series...I have no idea what his name was...LOL!
I have never even seen ANY of the following shows!'I NEVER EVEN KNEW they have HAD THAT MANY Doctors!!!!!

That was AGES AGO!!!!

etherealwear said...


I think we're the same age! I bet you watched the same Doctor I did-- #4, Tom Baker. He was the one with the afro-- he wore the crazy-long, pre-Hogwarts scarf. . .

Okay, lady. . . how's it going with your juice "diet"? Are you making apple carrot ginger??


Saint Lover said...

I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVE Dr Who! I am a total addict! I didnt find it til last year actually. I love the spin off Torchwood too... yummy capt. Jack!

I cant wait for tomorrow's episode. ROSE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

etherealwear said...

I know!!!!!!!! I have an addiction also-- it's kind of bad.

I have watched some episodes over and over, like "Blink"-- which is absolutely amazing. I desperately want Dr. Who DVDs but they're still imports and through the ROOF.

I love Rose, for sure, but I love Donna and Martha too! I started watching the show during Martha Jones's season. . .

Haven't gotten into Torchwood yet. I think I need a few rainy days to catch up there!

Saint Lover, have you ever watched Friday Night Project?? It's this GREAT variety/game/comedy show on BBC4, I think. Both John Barrowman and David Tennant have hosted and the episodes are HILARIOUS. I mean really funny. You have to check that out! You Tube it!