Sunday, July 13, 2008

Keep Calm and Carry On

Just got home from a brisk walk to the grocery store, in my "skinny jeans," mentioned in a previous post. I can actually WALK in them without endangering my reproductive organs. Amazing. You know, I am still so surprised to be the only one walking somewhere-- I saw friends whizz by in cars, perfectly decent strangers looked upon me from their SUVs like I was a 1930s share cropper hoofing from the company store with my bushel of apples to feed my four children from the suicide doors of our broken-down Ford. Rough times . . . but today, with the wind blowing, the air hazy with crusty particles, it looked a lot like the dust bowl days of old. We ain't that far away from it, you know. . .

I know the Fourth of July was last week, and tomorrow's Bastille Day, but it's today that I'm feeling nostalgic for the past. I had some Olivia Newton John on repeat as I took my walk, or, rather, as I stumbled through bits of broken glass, ATM receipts and Dunkin Donuts debris, I got to thinking about this old America, who she's become, and what I wish she could be. Would a little more love make it right? Would a little more love make it right? America, if I can learn to love you more would you get better? Would you become beautiful again? 

I miss the 1970s. A lot. I vaguely remember those years but I do remember there was a lot more hair. More fun. More lip gloss and satin jackets, stronger bass lines, more synth, soft focus, bigger moustaches-- THANK GOD for the hipster boys willing to rock some burns and stash, I'd probably melt into the minutiae otherwise. Ohhh, meet you in Anchorage for the 2009 World Beard and Moustache Championships?  Until then, I think I need something shiny.

Hmmm. Shiny, sparkly, my heart goes all fluttery for Bella Moda Artist. Silver settings and, resin "stones"-- made from the icons of your life:

Bella Moda makes "decoder" rings and cuff links that somehow make these dog days of summer a little easier to bear. 

Maybe life can't be an ABBA song, but it can be a little more fun. And if we can't have fun, we can at least try to keep calm and carry on:

You know you can get custom orders? I was thinking about matching rings, one with Barack and one with Michelle. I can do that little fist bump all the way to the polls. It's time to start showing the colors. In the end we'll all be living under one flag anyway. Yes, I do mean the Jolly Roger. 

See ya!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I was just about to run off and make myself a delicious beverage made with beets, when I had a google attack and started searching for bits and pieces about Miranda July. Talk about inspiring. Every time I think I've lost myself, don't know what I'm doing, or what I'll do next, I look to Ms. July-- she seems to rediscover herself all the time.

And then I found this video by Miranda! an electro pop band from Argentina. Perfecta! Where have they been all my life?

And then I found this one:

Wyrd. Like the Old Norse kind of weird. Ohh. I think I'm having a hot flash, and the wind just picked up like crazy. I'd better go.

Off to Jack Lalanne's
See ya!