Monday, September 8, 2008

Go Faux!

It's September already, and the air is crisp in the mornings, but soon the earth will curl up for sleeping. NOOoooo! I'm not ready. I'm still harvesting tomatoes from the garden! The grass is still green-- I'm going to hold on to the turf as long as possible. When the snow finally hits the ground, I'll have a few wonderful accessories to keep me seeing green:

There's something very delicate and beautiful about Cattoo. Based in Hull, UK, Cattoo presents a world in surreal detail: pinstriped clouds, lounging kittens in form-fitting, tribal-swirly, "cat suits" that would make Vince Noir jealous. I feel like I'm looking at bits of springtime, and let me tell you, when those flipping clipper winds come slicing through New England, I'm going to cling to my Cattoo. I'm particularly fond of Cacti Love. This very cute brooch, with its texturized skin and spiky, shiny bits reminds me of my beloved New Mexico. This will definitely help keep the winter blahs at bay.

Gather ye moss


Adorn Jewelry's Gather Moss series hold memories of where you'd like to be-- resting in low grass on a spring day, with a light breeze dancing over ya. I love this sophisticated, tactile ring with its faux moss, held fast in a sterling silver-plated setting-- seems it could have been harvested from the wilds of those deep, Washington State woods.

Well, I'm out to enjoy the fleeting sun of summer's end. Have a GREAT day!