Monday, June 16, 2008

Making a B-line for A-line skirts!

A slight miracle has occurred. It's not water to wine, or the statue of the virgin crying, but. Well, yesterday I got into my skinny pants. Yeah, I know. Pretty incredible. When I say I got into them, I mean I didn't have to stretch out on the bed, or coat myself in baby powder, and I didn't have to use a whip to get my bodacious butt to play nice. No protests, no empty threats. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! And, I can almost sit down in them! Sigh. . .

When I say skinny pants, I mean pants that are really a size 16, but don't have elastic in them. Remember when they made jeans for robust, urban neo-viking women like me that didn't have some kind of space-age fiber woven into them? Yeah, these jeans are kinda old. Are bell bottoms still cool? I do miss the 70s-- disco, the afro, Gene Rayburn and Match Game.

Anyway, it feels pretty good to look in the mirror and see that my behind is no longer defying the laws of physical dimension. Hmm. It's actually a little too hot for pants anyway, so I'm making a B-line for A-line skirts!

Why the A-line skirt? Well, it give, GIVES a robust butt some room. The shape is adorable and flattering. If the pencil skirt is the bad girl, then the A-line is her pretty sidekick/best friend, who might not necessarily get the guy, but she CAN step lively without falling on her face.

Puton Verbenero
Oh-oh-OH I LOVE Puton Verbenero's skirts! Based in Barcelona, these stretch-knit skirts with the bold flower block and matte black panels are sophisticated and playful at the same time. I love that you can fold the waistline up if you'd like the skirt to hit you at the knee, or longer, if you fold the band down. With a shape like mine, if this skirt were ALL flower print I'd look like a bush in full bloom-- all black, and it would be too serious for summer (although the back of the skirt is solid back-- with is MUCH appreciated!!)

Puton Verbernero embodies an attitude of sassy AND classy. Stroll the famous Ramblas in the Barri Gotic and feel the light follow you in this beautiful skirt. Yes, I've been to Barcelona. I'd really like to be in Barcelona right now! My first stop would be Juicy Jones, the organic, vegan eatery. I LOVE that place!

Evil Ruby
If you're looking for the A-line skirt, reinvisioned then look no further than Evil Ruby's etsy shop. Evil Ruby takes mixes and matches bold fabrics to create something FUN, young and wild. Evil Ruby's skirts make me enjoy being a girl! They also remind me of that new TV Show Swingtown, about hot couples in the cool suburbs. 70s and Sexy.

Well, it's time again for my liquid lunch. This is getting a little old. Any suggestions for blended fruit drinks I can try?


Mikiye Creations said...

I LOVE reading your blog!
It ALWAYS takes me back to something or another that I think," Oh My Gosh! I haven't seen that since..."

I watched that show too!!

Think 1920's building (and NOT the cute renovated kind...more like falling apart no insulation hasn't been worked on till this year kind)~and that was because there were holes rotted through the walls and you could see pipes!
Nothing like an OLD apartment with glass shutter windows and NO's like my heater is RUNNING during the day in here!!!!

And yeah, not in the good way!

etherealwear said...

I'm so GRATEFUL for your readership, lady! Thanks for all the groovy comments. Yeah, I said groovy. . .

Oh the Roaring Twenties-- I don't think they were talking about roaring HEAT, were they! LOL. Who says global warming is an illusion! It's been nice here lately, and when I say nice, I mean Scottish: slate-gray skies, rain, drizzle, foggy! I really love that kind of weather!

I know the heat is coming around again though, I can feel it. . .

Stay cool!

Viagra said...

Those skirts are amazing!

Elliott Broidy said...

I love them