Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Burn with me, Martha. BURN WITH ME.

Umm. . . I don't know if you know this but, the East Coast of the US is on FIRE. Here in Southern New England, it's already 95 degrees and it's not even noon. Last night I slept with an oscillating fan positioned close enough to shave my unsightly facial hair, and this morning, in an effort to reduce my carbon footprint to a tip-toe, because clearly this is the US's fault, I WALKED to the grocery store (I don't own a car, actually). Didn't even as much as produce methane gas on the way there or back. Carried a five pound bag of f-ing organic carrots up the hill and sang along to Earth Wind and Fire while twirling my parasol. I'm officially a loon. Burn with me, Martha. BURN WITH ME. Carbon Footprint? I laugh.

Needless to say I'm too delirious to write about A-line skirts today, as I'd planned. All I can think about is my copious thigh parts rubbing together and starting some kind of blaze. Don't laugh-- the incidences of spontaneous combustion are not as rare as one might think. But I tell you what is like a cool breeze to my crazed little mind: Damien Weighill's Blog. Send Damien a picture of yourself, and in return he'll draw a picture of you and post it to his blog. Looks like he took some liberties with the Queen. Someone's got to.

A doodle by artist Damien Weighill.
(Would you like Damien's artwork on a t-shirt? By all means go to

Okay then, off to juice up those carrots!

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