Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sustain and Maintain

I ran into a friend the other day. I only see her once a year, so when we do hang out, I like to spend some time, catching up, you know, chat about the good old days. What’s my friend’s name you might ask? Her name is MARGARITA. Let's just say I stayed past my welcome.

Cinco de Mayo was three days ago but I still feel like my eyes aren’t quite lining up with the holes. Can you say, detox? Lucky for me, my mother sent me a juicer. That’s right-- the Jack Lalanne Juicer. Laugh if you must, but the thing really works-- juicing is better than dieting-- at times it's better than eating and gives new meaning to liquid lunch. I’m putting everything in there-- carrots, chard, apples, ginger, beets, it’s great. I hardly think about ice-cream at all. Hardly. . . ever. Sometimes. Three times a day, okay?? But I don’t indulge that craving. I just think about all the clothes I have that no longer fit-- those pants I’ve been trying to cram my meat into. And, I think of Daryl Hannah. . .

Yes, Daryl Hannah-- she's not just an underrated actor, she's a treehugging environmentalist. Aside from driving a biodiesel El Camino (one of my dream cars) she recently started a website that features eco-friendly news, goods and a pretty entertaining video blog

Goodness in, goodness out!
With that in mind, time to do a little eco-shopping. . .


I'm still going for the gold this week, and couldn't take my eyes of Funkdivine.
Made in San Francisco, Funkdivine tees, pullovers, sweatpants and zip-up jackets are primarily made from a sustainable, renewable resource-- hemp. Funkdivine's intricate, Egyptian motifs are just gorgeous. I love in particular the tops that look like gold necklaces-- the dangling clasp on the back of the shirts follows through on the idea. Funkdivine, I really appreciate that detail!


Fitted bodices, made of tencel, reclaimed, hemp and cotton,serged seams that ripple over the body like water, soft edges and gentle curves that make just about any body look gorgeous, relaxed. Treehouse28 is custom made clothing for every woman from the working ladies to the hippy mommas-- go from comfy to dressy in the blink of an eye and in Treehouse28 clothing, that's all it takes.

I love clothes I can go to a meeting and to a yoga class in! Treehouse28 takes your measurements and gives back to you clothing that is literally made to be worn by you. Treehouse28 clothes make me think of stylish French women who demand tailor made clothing and look as if no one else in the world owns that skirt, those pants, that jacket-- know what I mean? That's the kind of custom design one-of-a-kind feeling you can expect from Treehouse28.

Okay, the juice is loose. Time to pulverize some fruits and vegetables!


Mikiye Creations said...


My Mom got me that juicer last Christmas...I used it once..TOOK AN HOUR just to CLEAN IT... and never used it again.

Plus, the stuff I made tasted AWFUL!

Then again, I was throwing everything in there and I WAS NOT use to drinking my veggies! in bell peppers, broccoli, and something else random that sis NOT make a good blend!

I don't really drink juice anyway...always just water.
How boring huh?!

Love the DH video...I met her and helped her a few times...she's quirky but I love her!

etherealwear said...

Girl, you need to send me that juicer if you ain't gonna use it! :) You do have to clean it right after, which is a drag-- but an hour? Com'on now. . .

Okay why not start with Apple/Carrot/Ginger? That's a great mixture. You can add strange stuff (a little chard, a little spinach) later. I made a beet/ginger/apple/carrot concoction that was DELICIOUS! Served it in a shot glass-- it was vampire red. I felt like Mick St. John on "Moonlight." I love that show. . .

You met Daryl Hannah?! That's awesome!

alamodestuff said...

I know Margarita well! We'll have to all get together soon!

Anita said...

I'm loving your suggestions! Thanks for posting - I'll be back :-)


Mikiye Creations said...

APPLE, carrot ginger?!
Maybe I'll dust it off and try again.
Yeah, all the little pulp stuff and the directions said you can't put pressure on the blades or it'll damage it took me an hour to clean!

...Yeah, I can't wear most of my clothes anymore...I can only tell myself CURVY is GOOD so much when I can't fit into anything...

etherealwear said...

Oh Mikiye--- break out the juicer and get to work, lady! Really, you won't regret giving it another try.

When you take out the blade, to clean it, you can just soak it in a bowl of water to loosen the pulp- or run water over it and gently wipe it clean with a sponge. You want to wash the machine when you're done, because carrot and beet juice really stain. I use dish soap, and a little Bon Ami (it's non-toxic and won't scratch) to scrub it.

Curvy IS Good. FEELING good is better. I thought I was eating well-- you know, mostly organic food. But then I was also eating at restaurants, grabbing an egg sandwich here and there, and potatoes-- too much SALT.

I started this juice business because recently, when I was walking by a big window downtown, and I could SEE my ass jiggling-- I could see the water retention! I couldn't put on my nice shoes-- my feet were so swollen. I saw pictures of myself and was shocked-- my mental image of myself was not the same as the photo, I just got sick of that discrepancy, you know?

I promise you, drink three glasses of apple-carrot-ginger a day to start. In a week you'll notice a difference in your body. Seriously!

Instead of breakfast, try a good cup of juice, see how that feels. Juice has all the enzymes in tact-- which is GREAT for healing the body. Immediately you start to detox. You'll also give your digestive organs a little vacation from having to break down food all the time. Think about it-- if we're not sleeping, we're eating something, (or thinking about eating) that's a lot of work for the body. Drinking doesn't "feel" the same as eating-- you feel like you're "doing something" when you eat. But drinking a cup that contains an entire carrot, a big apple and a chunk of ginger at 8 in the morning can last me until noon!

In less than two weeks I could get into skirts and pants I was embarrassed to go outside in. Then I started to see the muscles under the fat start to emerge. You know those fat rolls that collect on people's backs? I had at least three of them. Now they're nearly gone-- they are dissolving away.

When I give into my old habits I know why-- STRESS. And then I grab a candy bar. But I notice when I have that feeling and I juice a cucumber and some red grapes for sweetness-- I feel instantly calmer. Now I know where the saying, "Cool as a cucumber" comes from!

Good Luck!
I hope you try the juicer again!!