Tuesday, April 29, 2008

5 Reasons to invest in Gold

Last night Conan O’Brien had Santogold on as the musical guest and she was FANTASTIC. Santi White was amazing-- flanked by Devoesque, back-up divas in Che-colored, silken, new regime military numbers. It was TOO MUCH-- we were all working to keep up with Santogold and her percussive singing style, that musical segment almost made the sun rise, the day begin, I almost couldn’t get to sleep.

I love Santogold’s style-- skinny pants, glitter, ribbed tank tops, puffy satin jackets, a leopard cat suit-- Santi looks like the big sister I never had, the one who left home before I could drive, has an apartment in Amsterdam, and says she’ll come back for me, when I’m old enough.

Santi’s vocals on Les Artistes, a single on the new Santogold album (do people still say album? Well, I do. . .) is slightly reminiscent of Dale Bozzio from Missing Persons (who was also my big sister) but Santogold’s mix of electronic buzzing, fuzz-buster feedback, trance loops, dub, Afro-cuban rhythms, and God only knows what else is in a space-time-continuum all its own.

Listen to Santogold while dressed in clothes from Striking Kittens, straight outta Brisbane, Queensland. Lycra, cat suits, plunging neck lines, purple tiger print hotpants-- these gals ain't messin' around. Striking Kittens is a new streetwear fashion label started by Jade and Alicia two fashion design grads with a knack for
hot 80s wear that's FRESH. Got a big butt like mine? Well PLUS is not a four-letter word to Striking Kittens-- send them your dimensions-- everything is handmade by the designers-- they don't quit 'til it fits. Electro Candy, their first collection is perfect for stepping out like the hot ladytron that you are.

Scoot on over to Victoria for a pair of skinny pants from Thrashin' Threads.These metallic pants will complete your retro look-- top it with your favorite vintage tee, and you're Sterling, baby.

Oh my God-- as I write this, KCRW is working me hard with a Santogold remix. Damn-- Santogold is everywhere!

Before I get distracted, I have to mention another etsy store that got me going-- a great etsy shop based in Toronto:
Pretty Raccoon Clothing

I'm loving the gold paint on these lovely tops. Le Tour Eiffel, le chandelier, le chevreuil, and many other gorgeous subjects are depicted on soft fabrics, with a draping cascade that looks so rich. Pretty Raccoon Clothing-- chic, a little aloof and sophisticated, surreal, and beautifully designed.

I can't end this post without sharing with you a secret part of my heart that I like to call. . . Spandau Ballet. . .

This is the song I will be listening to as I speed across continents in this year's Gumball 3000 race, in my bio-diesel Aston Martin. Now all I need is an Aston Martin. . . and £60,000 to enter. Hey Max-- how about it? Put an indie-crafter in the race! I will crochet AND felt an electronring for all of the drivers and their crew before the end of the 3000 mile journey. How's THAT for a challenge. . .

Huh, okay . . . I take that look as a no. All right-- see you in 2012. But I totally intend on winning The Spirit of the Gumball Award.


Mikiye Creations said...

I'm SO OUT OF THE LOOP I didn't know who Santogold was! BUT you had me intrigued...after further cool music references I gave a listen!
I knew we had to be similar in age!
Spandau Ballet and Roxy Music!
Bryan Ferry makes me melt!
Missing Person's...taking me back!!!

I am SO ENJOYING your blog I am going to add you to mine so I can click over to visit easier!

etherealwear said...

Isn't Santogold AWESOME??!!! And, don't get me started on the glam rock business-- I'm still not over my Bryan Ferry crush. . .

I haven't thought of Missing Persons in years-- but when I think back on that video they did for What are Words For. . . that just blew my mind! Sometimes I think I should have been born a decade earlier-- I missed out on being "GROWN" in the 80s!

Thanks for linking to me, lady! I'm linking to you, too!

dollface design said...

LOVE SANTOGOLD!!!! i had her on my myspace page forever, she's the shit! do you have a myspace? i know it's kind of dorky, but i like to say i do it for etsy, although i love the voyeurism too, i can't lie :D i am already saving my dinero for the race...i've got like $15 bucks, whadda you got? wanna pool our dough? i think we'd be a shoe in! and if meetin johnny knoxville is a possibility than i'm definitely in!
ps. fab post as usual...
pps. "more than this" by roxy music is like one of my fave songs of all time!

etherealwear said...

Yes. . . I must confess. . . I have a myspace account. I have like TEN-- for my many facets. . .

We need to have a bake sale or something, or head down to the Foxy Lady and raise the entrance fee for Gumball 3000. I don't know what to do about the car though. Don't you have a rich cousin stashed somewhere??

Roxy Music. . . still crazy for them after all these years. I mean, how many bands write songs that work as an aphrodisiac AND a sleep aid?

boopsiedaisy said...

While reading one of my favorite blogs just now I saw an inspiring comment you left that really resonated with me. I guess I just thought I'd stop by & say hi. :)

etherealwear said...

I'm not sure what I said, Boopsie, but THANKS for stopping by!